Odin's story

Odin and I were referred to Emma when he was first diagnosed with spondylosis and OA in his left hip. Odin is a dog used to a routine, so any new experience can sometimes be a challenge for him.


He was very hyperactive when meeting Emma for the first time. Emma was great and managed to treat Odin with laser therapy even though it meant following him around the room as he was too "busy" to keep still. By using food reward we were able to keep him still and over a short time. Emma's patience and ability to put Odin at ease meant he would eventually get used to the routine and settle down without any need for treats.


We switched to having Emma come to the house for his treatment, which was great for Odin as he was far more relaxed and settled in his own environment. Odin has improved a lot in his posture, I've seen a noticeable difference since starting treatment.


There have been ups and downs due to his condition which is to be expected, but Emma has always adapted his regime to work with his flare-ups to get him back on track. Emma is a caring compassionate person who will put you and your pet at ease, giving good sound advice. I personally can't recommend Emma enough and feel lucky to have her valuable support. 

-Anita Riley

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