Khalee's story

We were referred to Emma after our rescue dog Khalee was having difficulties with her leg and back. She experienced occasional acute pain whilst running off-lead and she found climbing stairs and getting onto the sofa a bit of a challenge. After a number of scans, it became apparent that Khalee had a bulging disc in her spine which was causing the pain and reduced mobility.


Khalee is a very nervous dog and finds it very stressful being in the vets and meeting new people. As soon as we met Emma she knew what the issues were and spent a long time getting Khalee comfortable and making sure she wasn’t stressed. Emma noticed that one of Khalee’s muscles at the top of her leg had completely wasted away and that the issue with the bulging disc was trapping nerves which were causing the muscle to deteriorate. We discussed various options and Emma used laser therapy to help with the pain. It appeared that surgery was the next option. Khalee underwent surgery to remove the bulging disc and we went back to Emma for physiotherapy.


Emma gave us a physio regime for Khalee, starting with very slow lead walks and gentle exercises to help build the strength in her back leg whilst taking into account that Khalee was still recovering from spinal surgery. Khalee was getting more and more relaxed in her visits to Emma, even taking a treat from her which was a good sign! She loved having the laser therapy and at one point just lay down and cuddled into Emma, almost saying ‘ahh thank you!’. Emma treated our dog with care and compassion and gradually increased the exercises over several weeks. This painstaking approach proved to be invaluable, Khalee’s muscle started to develop and she became more and more like the dog she used to be.


In June Emma decided that enough progress had been made so we could finally let Khalee off the lead, the first time in 4 months, and for a greyhound cross, this lack of being able to run has been frustrating for us all. Our Khalee is now back to her old self, running and playing with her little sister Rosie, so thanks to the surgeon who removed the offending disc and Emma’s subsequent care, support and advice we finally have our gorgeous girl back to (nearly) full strength.


Emma clearly has a passion for animals and making sure that they can recover in the safest possible way, with clear instructions and care plans. We cannot recommend Emma and her approach highly enough and we are very grateful.


- Cheryl and Jon Huntbach

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