Harvey's story

We started noticing that Harvey was limping when he was approximately 4 years old. He is 5 years old now and he has always been overweight, he is a very clever food thief so it has been very difficult to manage his weight. He is on a very strict diet now and all of his food is placed completely out of his reach. He had lost 10kgs but Harvey was still struggling after being out on a walk.

After several visits to the vets, he was finally diagnosed with arthritis in multiple joints, with the main stiffness in his front left leg. The vets recommended Emma for a physiotherapy session with laser treatment. We did this weekly and this has made a massive difference to Harvey, his movement improved and he seemed a happier dog. Emma and Harvey got on great and he loves to see her!

His improvement continued greatly every week. Emma then recommended that we start to build Harvey’s strength up in his legs so she recommended Hydrotherapy, so we booked an appointment with Emma at Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Centre. He was so excited to see Emma, and he has now had his first month with Emma. Every week he does more and more and he loves it. He is getting stronger all the time, Emma you have worked wonders with Harvey, thank you. 

- Kim Lee

To find out more about veterinary  physiotherapy and how it could benefit  your pet please get in touch

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