Lori and Peter's story

We noticed that our cats started having issues going up and down the stairs well over 2 years ago when they were 14 years old. After ruling out any acute health issues we started to take them to a physiotherapist, weekly at first, then gradually, as they improved, on a monthly basis.

After moving we looked for a new physiotherapist to continue with their monthly sessions and found Emma.
Emma has been very friendly and helpful from the first point of contact and proves both knowledgable and compassionate as well as accommodating to our specific requirements. She gave us a helpful set of exercises we can do by ourselves between sessions.

She is very kind and gentle with both cats and always adjusts to their individual needs too, giving them short breaks when they need them.

I'm glad to have found Emma and hope she'll continue to help our old boys to stay fit for many more years to come.


(in loving memory of Peter)

To find out more about veterinary  physiotherapy and how it could benefit  your pet please get in touch

To download a veterinary referral form, please click here 

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